Turtle Crossing 2

Turtle S.H.E.L.L. Tortue

A registered Canadian charitable organization dedicated to turtles

Safety Habitat Education Long Life

This wonderful organization dedicated to turtles was established in the fall of 1999, to care for turtles, install highway turtle crossing signs, to provide public education and awareness of the plight of our indigenous turtle populations and habitats.

Their intention is to provide medical education for indigenous turtle species, establish a greater understanding of the importance of maintaining turtle nesting areas to protect and preserve them for future generations.

Their goal is to encourage community involvement and to assist educational authorities in developing programs to reach the public and students of all ages.  To continue to establish a province-wide network of turtle emergency and rehabilitation centres, and provide the public with ready available access to these centres, so as to be able to bring in injured turtles.

Turtle S.H.E.L.L believes that education must extend beyond adults living in turtle nesting areas, as the youth of today will become the drivers of tomorrow, invariably impacting on the turtle populations & their environment.

If you would like to donate to Turtle S.H.E.L.L. Tortue, please call 613-446-9927, or email them at motherturtle@turtleshelltortue.org, or visit the donations page on their website, and thank you!

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