Historical Timeline


• 1819 Hastings County land as far north as Dungannon purchased from Mississauga Natives.

• 1823 Remainder of Hastings County purchased from Chippawa Natives.

• 1853 Completion of survey work of Hastings Colonization Road from Madoc to Maynooth.

• 1855 Englishmen James Cleak and Alfred Barker settle on Hastings Road at Quarry (Marble) Lake.

• 1860 First cedar log street is built in York River (Bancroft).

• 1861 James Cleak opens post office in York River.

• 1865 First grist mill is built.

• 1866 Construction starts on the building of Monck Road. Completed in 1873.

• 1870 Construction of first church starts on the grounds of the present United Church.

• 1870 Schools are built in L’Amable and Umphraville.

• 1879 Name is changed from York River to Bancroft by Senator Billa Flint.

• 1884 The Woolen Mill is built by David Fuller.

• 1894 Bancroft Times starts publishing.

• 1900 The first railway, Central Ontario Railway, arrives.

• 1904 Incorporation of the Village of Bancroft.

• 1905 First telephone connected to the railway station.

• 1920 First car in Bancroft, a Ford belonging to R.J. Stringer.

• 1930 First electric power delivered to Village by Bancroft Electric Lights and Power.

• 1933 Ontario Provincial Police Department established.

• 1937 Water system installed in business section.

• 1947 Opening of North Hastings High School.

• 1949 Red Cross District Hospital opens at Hastings Street South site.

• 1949 Prospector Art Shore discovers uranium in Bancroft district.

• 1952 Construction of Faraday Mine starts.

• 1960 Bancroft Mineral Society holds its first meeting.

• 1964 First Bancroft Gemboree is held.

• 1972 New Community Centre opens on Faraday Heights.

• 1974 C.J.N.H. Radio starts broadcasting.

• 1979 Centennial celebrations.

• 1980 Beaver Dam breaks at Copper Lake; Cleak and Madawaska streets are flooded.

• 1982 Closing of rail line, which later becomes the Heritage Trail.

• 1995 Village of Bancroft becomes Town of Bancroft; Lloyd Churchill is first mayor.

• 1999 Township of Dungannon amalgamates with Town of Bancroft.

• 2002 Grand opening of the new hospital and manor. Medical clinic opens.

• 2003 C.J.N.H. 1240 A.M. Radio becomes Moose FM 97.7.

• 2010 Bancroft elects its first female mayor, Bernice Jenkins.

• 2011 York River Public School is formed through the merger of Bancroft Public School and North Hastings Senior Elementary.


  • Debvorah Cahill| September 7, 2021 at 7:10 pm Reply

    There used to be a landfill on York river road, does anyone know what dates ? It apparently is my property & I’m finding all kinds of amazing things.

  • Debvorah| September 7, 2021 at 7:08 pm Reply

    There used to be a landfill on York river road, does anyone know what dates ? It apparently is my property & I’m finding all kinds of amazing things.

  • Theresa Pregent| November 16, 2017 at 12:12 pm Reply

    When was the Bancroft Village Playhouse opened? Is it an old building? Was it always a playhouse? Just wondering. 😉

  • susan fletcher| December 21, 2016 at 12:43 pm Reply

    hi…i was born in bancroft june 1953…i wonder if you have any photos of the hospital? thanks, susan

    • Mia Boucher| September 21, 2021 at 10:58 pm Reply

      Hi Susan I saw your post I have some Pics from 1949 and 1951 that I found, as I was doing some research for my Media relations project I could email them to you if you like.

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