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Wondering where to buy your latest tool?  Or maybe there is a particular gem you are searching for.  We have compiled a list of rock shops and facilities for you to browse.  Some are local to the area, and others are a little further away.  Either way, we hope you can find what you’re looking for.  What is a Rock Shop you ask?  It’s a place you  can visit, sometimes in person – sometimes online, to admire and maybe buy a few nice pieces. Some rock shops will sell rocks, minerals, gems and fossils, books about rocks; and cool things made out of rocks.  Some rock shops will even sell the tools needed to collect rocks and polish them.  You may want to call ahead to see what kind of rock shop you’re visiting, to make sure they offer what you’re looking for.

The Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop offers Local and Worldwide Mineral and Fossil Specimens, Rock Farm Collecting, Canadian Soapstone Carvings, Silver & Gemstone, Jewellery, and Rock Crafts & Gifts.

31241 Hwy 28E
Bancroft, Ontario

Click here for more information on the Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop

Visit Lakeside Gems online at

Some of the items they offer:

  • Estwing Geological Tools & Accessories
  • Metaphysical Stuff

613 334-9668

  • Catalog your collection from the start. It will be an overwhelming task if you wait until you have 500 specimens in your collection.
  • Find your local mineral club, and become a member. Clubs can provide information, field trips, news and friends.
  • Invest in a compass and learn how to use it. You don’t want to get lost in the woods.
  • Invest in some good tools. They will make your job easier, and last.
  • When you’re getting started, but a good book, and use it.
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