Eagle’s Nest Hawkwatch


Eagle's Nest Bancroft Ontario

“The location of the Eagle’s Nest Hawkwatch in Bancroft is primarily on the Central Flyway.  This flyway is used in the spring and fall by many migrating birds.  Because the warm air currents generated by the large rock faces of granite, thermals are formed, which rise upward, creating excellent methods of travel for many species of birds.  One of the primary users of the air thermals are birds of prey as they leave in the fall and return in the spring.

Birds of prey can be observed on days with with prevailing from the north or northwest.  The best time for observation is from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  Some of the hawks, which may be seen here, are shown in the profiles to the left.”  (see below for a larger version)


The Map located at the Eagle’s Nest.  This map is not to scale.  Please keep to marked trails to protect the habitat.  Please use caution on the trails.  There are many steep slopes.

Eagle's Nest Bancroft Ontario

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