In the mid 1850’s, Blairton was an iron manufacturing town located on the shores of Crowe Lake. They were open-pit mining in a location only accessible by water. In 1866 however, the railroad arrived in Blairton, and increased profits. With this, the town grew to a reported 500 people enjoying boarding houses, stores, and approx. 40 houses for miners. For ten years the town prospered, until disaster struck. Ice flows ruined the railroad trestle and water seeped into the mine. The railroad was repaired, but the mine was devastated and never re-opened. A few miners cabins survive today and the two story company house. The foundation of the former store are located at the intersection.

Driving Directions: Heading west of Marmora on Hwy 7, drive 7 kilometers to the Blairton Road. The former town site is two kilometers to the north.

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